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Training Days are typically held at the GPLRC Training Grounds the last Sunday of every month year round.  Dates are always subject to change so be sure to check with the club each month.

From September through February, the focus of the training days is usually upland work.  

From March through August, the focus is waterfowl hunting training geared at either getting your dog ready for the hunting season or AKC Hunt Tests.  


While each training day can differ, the goal is to simulate hunting situations for your dog, and train them to be suitable hunting companions. ​


Although club members are always available to help and guide you, these training days are not intended to be a complete training program. Once you know where you want to go, we can help you get there.


While there is no expectation of where you want to go with field work, it is expected that if you frequent these training days that you put in the time on your own to work with your dog on the concepts taught at these training days and have a genuine interest in doing so.

Training days are open to members and guests. We kindly ask that guests limit their entries to one dog. 


Although we welcome everyone to check out our training days, we limit participation to those breeds that are likely to retrieve game.


Guest slots at our training days are limited. Pre-registration is required of all guests so that we can plan accordingly and prepare the appropriate number of birds.  Please email if interested in attending.

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